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Workplace Culture

WAI Continuum is a place of passion and ideas, where managers, architects and support staff alike are encouraged to ask questions, challenge the status quo and offer productive solutions. To reinforce the culture on which it is built and tap into the true potential of the firm, its team and the industries we serve.


A Fast Paced Work Environment

Built on 25 years of proven performance, the firm continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Accordingly, the volume of projects, diversity of clients and opportunity for innovation provides for a fast-paced office environment and dynamic workload where each day brings exciting new challenges.

Fun & Adventure

The success of any team initiative is strongly dependent on the sense of enjoyment and camaraderie found by its players. Accordingly, WAI Continuum strives to make this journey and enjoyable one for its employees by incorporating outings and events that breed a sense of fun and adventure into our daily work experiences.


Recent activities have included:

  •  Annual golf outing with staff

  •  Seasonal holiday party

  •  Afternoon at A.C.E.S Flight Simulation

  •  Birthday celebrations

  •  Design contests & charettes

Supportive Growth

WAI Continuum encourages and nurtures both the professional and personal growth of our employees. It is the philosophy of our leaders that hands-on experience, mentoring and continued education will help you build a strong foundation for a rewarding career and satisfying work experience.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

WAI Continuum recognizes the value of ambition and encourages our employees to explore innovative solutions that not only create successful project results but improved processes and team performance as well. "Don't follow where the path may lead... go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

A Collaborative Effort

WAI Continuum fosters a culture of collaboration, organizing project teams that bring out the ultimate potential of each project, the members and the creative spirit of the firm.  This spirit looks to tap into the perspective, knowledge and talent of each individual to create the strongest and most successful solution to each endeavor.

Integrity & Accountability

No culture can succeed without placing strong value on the integrity and accountability of its participants. At WAI Continuum, we treat our clients, project stakeholders and each other with respect and look to trust in the integrity of our team to deliver what is promised and to be held accountable for the quality and timely delivery our work.

Many Hats

The greatest value of a small firm is the diverse roles most employees play. Each member is not a drone working in obscurity, but rather a valued individual with broad job handling, unique perspectives and varied experiences. Our leaders look to each employee to grab a ball and run, defining a role that best matches their interest, skill and potential.


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