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There is a competitive spirit that lives in the space where creativity meets functionality and strategies meet execution. It is this space where environments are born and project success defined.


This philosophy reverberates throughout our designs and within each industry we serve, including:

Senior Living

(Independent & Assisted Living, Affordable & Memory Care Housing)


(Skilled Nursing, Transitional, Rehab & Dementia Care)


(K-12 & Higher Education)


(Religious & Municipal)

Housing & Hospitality

(Student Housing, Multi-Family Housing Workforce Residences)


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Our responsibility is to create space that is effective and resonates with meaning to those who use it. Accordingly, we look to explore the potential of each project while respecting the history and tradition of its sponsor.


‚ÄčCOMMUNITY INTEGRATIONThis 72-unit senior housing project is at the crossroad of a small community and features a community center to connect seniors to area services while providing resources to the surrounding neighborhood.


In addition to new construction, our designs are often interjections into existing physical parameters. Our approach has been to look beyond the existing plant use and seek the potential of the space - conserving the best of the past while celebrating the needs of the present and the promise of the future.

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