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An Integrated Approach to Project Delivery


For more than 35 years, WAI Continuum has specialized in architectural design, while offering clients a full spectrum of services not typically available from a single firm - architecture, interior architecture and development consulting.


These service groups of WAI Continuum can be used individually or in conjunction with one another.  Regardless of the combination in which our services are utilized, clients benefit from working with professionals who understand how all the pieces come together.


  >  Architectural Design

        Concept Development to Construction Documents

  >  Development Consulting

         Project Planning & Coordination

  >  Interior Architecture

        Environmental Design

  >  Engineering

        Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Survey


Because each of our groups as a resource for the other groups, the WAI Continuum staff has a better understanding of the overall building and development process from start to finish.  Day-to-day input from the others helps each group to view a project from all angles, so time and resources aren't wasted on unrealistic, unfeasible ideas.

Primrose Retirement Villages

25 Communities and counting


Slated for rapid growth, Primrose looked to create a design that could be easily adapted to each location, maintaining the design integrity and ideals of the organization while accommodating varying sizes and site configurations.


Learn more about the Primrose projects.

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