Interior Architecture



Defining Living Architecture

Beyond the drawing boards


Our Philosophy of DesignDesigning spaces that naturally engage. It is not an accident that our design specialties center around housing, healthcare, education, religion. These are spaces in which we live and grow. For our most significant portfolio - senior living - this mission is one we take to heart. Creating environments that live and breath, interacting with residents, engaging them and having a positive impact on their daily lives.

“Aging is not an end, but rather a continuation of life.  While residents may wear and weaken, their spirits remain alive – responsive to the world around them.”

As architects, we recognize the power of our designs to enrich the lives of others.  As such we subscribe to the philosophy of living architecture.  In this we design more than institutions for dying; we create enlivened environments that engage residents for enriched living and meaningful care giving.  In the end, the ‘Wonderful World’ of which Louis Armstrong so eloquently sang.


“There is a competitive spirit that lives in the space where strategies meet execution and creativity meets functionality.  It is this space where environments are born and quality of life defined.”

WAI Continuum embodies this spirit with a holistic approach to design.  We look beyond what a facility IS to what it CAN BE instead, creating total solutions that address more than spatial design. It is lifestyle design.


“Achieving long term success means providing more than an aesthetically pleasing facility.”

WAI Continuum works with forward thinking providers to create environments that recognize the value of living architecture and the understanding of what is inherently human.  How opportunities to develop relationships, explore and experience the living world while receiving meaningful care can positively affect one’s quality of life, quality of care and, in turn, the bottom line of a facility.


In this Alzheimer's environment, residents are

drawn into spontaneous activity by a town square with programmed and free activity choices.

Sustainable Design


As an advocate for sustainable design, WAI Continuum believes that good design practices inherently promote environmentally friendly design.



It is not merely vision and desire that bring about meaningful sustainable design, but rather real-world experience that effectively explores and manages the financial, social and environmental considerations.  Whether or not LEED certification is the goal of our clients, sustainable design and green construction practices are considered in every project, including the balance between initial cost investments and ongoing operations, renewable construction materials and site design which can minimize environmental impact.


Sustainable design services include:

•  Prioritizing sustainable design issues, costs and savings

•  Master planning for sustainable growth and environmental impact

•  Green site design, including building orientation, daylighting studies, water management and conservation

•  Life cycle cost analysis

•  Energy efficient design

•  Specification & design for improving indoor air quality and work environment

•  Green construction materials selection and specification

•  Reduction of building construction waste and design for adaptable reuse

•  Supportive services for utility programs – savings and rebates


As members of the US Green Building Council with several LEED Accredited Professionals, our team is committed to designing buildings that are healthy places to live and work.  By designing spaces with low emitting materials, thermal comfort control, daylighting and the like, we will not only improve the efficiency and sustainable value of your building, but also help ensure positive resident quality of life, employee moral and productivity and guest experiences.

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